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Lost 1 stone 3lbs

Eight months ago, after a life of yo-yo dieting something clicked in my head; I needed to lose weight. Not only for my look, but for my health too. Yaba helped me losing over two and a half stone. The training programme she sets, pushed me to work at my best. It was hard work, but not so hard that I felt too exhausted or felt like giving up. She chose what exercises suited me best and if I struggled with anything she found alternatives. Yaba is very knowledgeable and kept me motivated. If I had tried to lose weight by myself, without her help and support, I am not sure I would have achieved the same results in such a short period of time. I have dropped from a size 12/14 down to a size 8/10 and received so many compliments and positive comments it make me feel amazing inside and out.


Lost 3 stone 2lbs

I joined Tydd St. Giles Sport and Leisure Center in October, mainly to make use of the pool, sauna and steam room. Then in January, I felt the need to do more for my health and fitness and met with Yaba. My goal was to lose two stones, so she set up a personal training plan that made me achieved my goal within one season! Yaba knows exactly what kind of exercises will be effective and her training plan are truly easy to follow. Since committing to my program, not only have I lost weight, but I have increased my energy levels and feel generally fitter and healthier.


Lost 4 stone

In my twenties I didn’t care about my health and fitness, I smoked, drank alcohol and ate excessively but somehow I didn’t gain weight. In my thirties things changed. I couldn’t get away with these outrageous habits anymore; I started to see fat piling up. I also decided to stop smoking which was a healthy move, but the scale said differently. The turning point for me was when I was shopping and all that fitted me was extra-large clothes. For the first time when I looked in the mirror I saw somebody that wasn’t me. I started going to the gym by myself, buying Men’s Health magazine to try get some insights and quick tips to reverse the situation. But it is only when I decided to joined Sam’s Boot Camp that I saw drastic results. It took discipline and commitment, but once I started it soon became addictive. My body fat was melting and muscle mass took over. I didn’t even had to follow a restrictive diet, just pay attention to what food I ate and especially when I ate it. Sam uses digital apps so it is easy to keep track of the calories I need to eat and burn and keep a food diary. I am 31 and now fitter than I ever was. More importantly, I know I can maintain my fitness over time, as Sam values education and empowerment as part of the training plan.


Wow I feel my best!

For me, losing weight was not even my goal when I joined Afful Health and Fitness group trainings. I just wanted to exercise as I sit at my work desk 40 hours a week. Of course after a day at work I am tired and feel more like going home, eat, watch television and get some sleep. Even if I knew I should exercise, I didn’t know where I would get the energy from. I was the first surprised to realise that my energy levels actually increased after an hour working out like crazy. For a whole hour I forget about work, relieve the stress and at the end, even though I feel shattered, my mood has lifted. I spend no longer than one hour per weekday and eat normally. I vary exercises between Boot Camp (my favourite), Boxercise, Kettlercise and Pure Pump. This would probably be enough, but I also enjoy one hour a week personal training with Sam; it is good to have all his attention, as he pushes me even further and gives me some valuable tips and advices I couldn’t get only when training in a group. We mix the exercises so it is never boring and always challenging. Sam’s great quality is that he senses how I feel and adjust the workout consequently. After our session I know I got the most out of one hour training and I feel great. Some might think the path to health and fitness takes too much discipline and commitment, but they forget that one hour exercise per day is also fun and makes you feel really good. One million press ups and a lot of sweat later, the efforts were all worth it. My fitness has definitely improved and as a side effect my body look toned and I have reached my healthy weight. More importantly I am healthy inside out, body and soul… And that’s just the beginning… Let’s get it! Thank you Sam and Yaba!


Total Transformation

I have followed Yaba’s individual and group trainings as well as nutritional advices. I wanted to lose weight and improve my fitness. Mission accomplished! Thanks Yaba the effort were worth it!


My match engine is crazy

Hey Sam! I have played a game of rugby yesterday for a high set team called ‘Matson RFC’ in Gloucester, I can’t tell you how great it felt being able to get to every breakdown before everyone else, how hard I could hit people! My match engine was crazy, even my mates I have made hear were saying how much of an animal I was! I got the winning try as well in the last 10 minutes!! I just wanted to thank you for pushing me as much as you did mate. I couldn’t have gotten around that pitch and made that much of an impact if it wasn’t for you. So thanks man. I can’t wait to carry on training with you in a couple of months.