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Afful Health and Fitness offers tailored programs which are adapted to all fitness levels, needs, capacities and tastes. You will receive constant support and regular measurements to keep track of your progress and help you achieve your goal. The individualised training plans and variety of programs below are designed to make you work harder, longer and make you better, faster.


Fat loss and weight management

Forget endlessly running on a treadmill, Afful Health and Fitness will help you burn significantly more calories through a variety of assisted exercises and progressive intensity circuit training. By meeting regularly with a personal trainer, you will get extra motivation to come to the gym knowing that someone will train with you and push you to go the extra mile. Your nutrition adviser will undertake a diet analysis and create a nutrition plan, tailored to meet your fat loss goals. You will gain full understanding of reading food labels and making healthier food choices every day. It’s not about cutting out the foods you enjoy, it’s about knowing what to eat, when, and how much your body needs to be at its best.

Tone up and improve muscle definition

Target those stubborn flabby areas through specially selected training systems, such as drop sets, triangle, metabolic and circuit training. Afful Health and Fitness, will help you learn the right weight lifting techniques, check your form to avoid the risk of injuries, come up with original and most effective combinations of machine weights, free weights, cables and bodyweight exercises. Your trainer will regularly review and develop progressive training plans to keep you challenged and changing.

Flexibility and mobility

Improving your flexibility can help you meet the demands of your daily activities, whether you like gardening or have to keep up with the children. It can also enhance range of movement in your favourite sport, whether you are a golfer or a footballer. Through a range of gentle yet effective movement patterns, exercises and manoeuvres, your body will be manipulated into different positions to push your range further than when stretching by yourself. Assisted stretches release tightness which may have been caused by injuries or imbalances. Over time, the flexibility and mobility program will correct your posture and realign your body.

Cardiovascular endurance and fitness

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Not only marathon runners can benefit from improving their lung capacity and vascular system. A stronger heart can increase your life expectancy by reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and developing some cancers. Afful Health and Fitness will assess your fitness and once tested you will be allocated a specific program to suit your level and goal. Your trainer will encourage you to work at your maximum effort to reach, and most importantly, maintain the desired heart rate zone with the use of a heart rate monitor. With a combination of high intensity interval training (HIIT), aerobic and anaerobic training, you will gradually improve your cardiovascular efficiency, with the added bonus of reducing your body fat.

Nutrition and wellbeing

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Media sources are often responsible for conflicting advice so it is important to sort out fact from fiction. A nutrition and weight management adviser will know how to impart the facts to you in a way that is easy to understand while encouraging you to strive for a healthy diet and achieve optimal health. You will gain insight on a variety of factors that affect eating habits and learn some strategies to help you deal with these. You will gain understanding of what is meant by energy balance and what nutrients provide calories. Through the analysis of your food diary and calorie intake, the adviser will enable you to make sound food-based choices to improve the nutritional quality of your diet. There will be particular focus on long term successful weight loss without the use of ‘fad diets’.

Pre, during, post natal nutrition and exercises

Having a child is a life changing event. Therefore it is also important to adopt at an early stage an appropriate diet that will include the right balance of nutrients for mother and child. Afful Health and Fitness are fully qualified to give the most up to date, practical advices and easy to follow nutrition and exercise plans for before, during and after pregnancy. Being aware of what you eat during maternity and staying active will also make it easier for you to go back to your desired weight afterwards. The post-natal program is also suitable to help you lose excess weight gained during pregnancy and encourage you to adapt a healthier diet. You will receive a flexible nutrition plan, tailored to your taste, including easy to prepare meals to fit around a busy schedule.