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Afful Health and Fitness is a UK based small business in the sport and personal fitness training industry owned by married couple Sam and Yaba Afful.


New Members’ Lounge

01 Jan 2015, by admin in News


Our clients now have a privileged access to our new Members’ Lounge. « The Members’ Lounge is a private social network where members can share tricks and ideas, information, pictures, videos and track their fitness progress. On your personal page, which you don’t need to share with other members, you can log in your food diary, training program and daily exercises, so your trainer can give you some feedback on the spot ». « I have been using the Members’ Lounge since a few weeks now and I have to say it is very intuitive and gives me more motivation to carry on with my healthy routine. Sam and Yaba post helpful tips and there is a real sense of community between the members. I particularly like the friendly competition section where you gain some virtual points for the level of activity you do during a day ». The Members’ Lounge is available for all our clients. Contact us for details.