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Afful Health and Fitness Retreats are based in the heart of the Fens at the Tydd St. Giles & Country Club in Cambridgeshire.

What to expect: A comforting refuge set in the relaxing atmosphere of Tydd St. Giles Golf and Country Club where your mind will be taken away from your day to day stresses and you will have the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of fitness classes, or simply take the chance to unwind and relax by the pool. Afful Health and Fitness Retreats can vary in length and are a starting point for a lifestyle management program.

How it works: Under the guidance of our dedicated team, you will receive small group training sessions designed to cater to all abilities. Nutrition seminars are also given by professional advisers, who will provide weekly food plans to encourage healthier eating habits. You will be hosted in a fully equipped luxury lodge in single or double occupancy rooms. You will have access to a heated indoor pool, sauna, steam room with tranquil views. Catering is of course taken care of by a private chef who prepares fresh and healthy meals using local produce.

What do you get: A short stay in a luxury lodge. You will take part in a fitness retreat designed to promote positive and long-lasting health and fitness changes. Initial assessments with full body measurements and analysis, your own tailored training and nutrition plan for the length of the retreat. Optional follow up and final assessment at agreed milestones using the online Member’s lounge.

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