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Afful Health and Fitness are nationally qualified to teach an assortment of modern fitness classes.


Aqua aerobics


What to expect: A low impact resistance workout where aerobic movements are performed in shallow water.


How it works: Run against the stream, splash and make waves to wake up every muscle in this fun water aerobics class. Join to stay active and feel refreshed rather than exhausted.


What do you get: A good way to improve fitness with low risks of injury, strengthen core muscles to improve balance and coordination with added benefit of reducing appearance of cellulite. Immediate mood lift and over time, water aerobics can lead to a reduction of blood pressure and resting heart rate, which will improve overall health.

Barcode Total Body Calisthenics


What to expect: Ultimate strength training made up from compound exercises engaging multiple muscle groups with one single move, helping gain mass.  Reap the benefits and see superior results than when using assisted gym machines.


How it works: Using an elevated bar and parallel bars to perform pull up, chin up, dips and other bodyweight lifts, in a mixture of static muscle contractions with regular flexion and extension movements from different angles.


What do you get: Quick muscle gain and stronger back, shoulders, chest, core strength and arms.

Boot Camp


What to expect:  An outrageously high calorie burning calisthenics circuit, military inspired drills, high intensity interval training, explosive cardiovascular metabolic and strength training, including dynamic stretching, weight lifting and plyometrics.


How it works: You will be pushed to perform at your own maximum effort during this ultimate full body interval workout, with only short recovery rests in between each circuit. It is meant to be vigorous and demanding.


What do you get: Burn calories at an infernal rate, decrease body fat and lose weight. Increase cardiovascular efficiency, fitness and build strength.



What to expect: Effective form of cross-training using the eight traditional boxing punches (hitting pads, not an opponent) and aerobic and anaerobic systems boxers use to keep fit.


How it works: Jab, skip, step back and learn the basic boxing punch combinations and footwork with additional steps, crunches and shuttle runs in a friendly and fun atmosphere.


What do you get: Instant stress relief and energy increase, stronger core and general fitness. Enhances sports specific senses, including hand-eye coordination, balance and timing as well as improving cardiovascular capacity, increasing stamina in heart and lungs.

Calisthenics Circuit


What to expect: Various short and easy to perform exercises, executed as quickly as possible, without using equipment to maintain a higher heart rate.


How it works: Jump, swing, kick, run, challenge your endurance and engage your core musculature, quadriceps and major muscle groups whilst keeping a dynamic rhythm to burn calories faster.


What do you get: Decrease body fat and lose weight, improve cardiovascular and muscular fitness, psychomotor skills such as balance, agility, flexibility and coordination.



What to expect: A full body workout made from a precise succession of specifically conceived exercises using lightweight kettlebells.


How it works: Swing the kettlebell as demonstrated and challenge your strength and endurance, stimulate your major muscle groups particularly the hips, hamstrings and glutes.


What do you get: A trimmer, firmer body with defined muscles.

Pure Pump


What to expect: Choreographed routine using light barbells and dumbbells to exhaust muscles whilst performing numerous repetitions. One muscle group per musical track.


How it works: Clean and press, bench press, row, this endurance workout involves all major muscle groups in a fun entertaining workout.


What do you get: Toned and shaped athletic body without adding bulky muscles, increase core strength to maintain balance and coordination.