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Nuts Challenge: Special Offer

21.06.2015 in Events, News

It's time to go NUTS! We are pleased to offer you the lowest price for entry into this years Nuts Challenge! Just click the link below to book. The Nuts Challenge 2015 is on Saturday 5th September at 11am. Choose the 7km or 14km challenge. For the NUTTY price of just £39.99  (FULL PRICE £74.99) you will receive entry to the race, a Nuts Challenge t-shirt or vest and a medal for completing the challenge. For more info or different race times contact Sam on 07830 382 697 ...

Time to sign up for this summer Nuts Challenge

31.01.2015 in Events Team Afful recruits participants to take on the assault course the Nuts Challenge that will take place 5th-6th September 2015. «Last summer our team has done very well and we want to encourage people from all ages and fitness level to sign up and get ready to tackle this exciting challenge». It is definitely a tough race but it’s also lots of fun. Plus it gives you extra motivation to workout harder in preparation of the race. Given that the race is in September, we advise individuals that are interested in training for it to add a few sessions Boot Camp per week for the months of June, July and August. Summer is the perfect season for training outdoor with the added benefit of breathing fresh air and soaking the sun. «We have special packages for Boot Camp training in preparation of the Nuts Challenge. Contact us for details»....

Results of Afful Health and Fitness team at the Nuts Challenge

17.11.2014 in Events Saturday 30 August team Afful Health and Fitness composed of Yaba, Vicki, Marilou, Bernd and Mark (pictured above) participated in the Nuts Challenge, the ultimate assault course and mud race in Dorking, Surrey, UK. “We have been training together for the last couple of months and felt ready to take on this challenge”. The men were in for 14 km and the women wanted to complete 7 km minimum.Out of nearly 2000 participants, Mark finished 2nd best of his age category (40-59). “It was emotional for me to complete the race as it was a real challenge, requiring both physical and mental aptitudes. To realise that I performed so well compared to hundreds of other people in my age group was the icing on the cake”. Vikki was the 53rd women to cross the finishing line: “A year ago, I would not even have considered participating at all. To think that I have now completed it makes me feel really proud of what I accomplished, not only today, but also from all the hard work I have done over the last year.” Marilou ran 7 km in 1 hour 19 minutes, the 10th best time within the women. “It was the hardest physical challenge I have ever put myself through, but I was well prepared. I have never felt so fit in my life, thanks to my personal trainer Sam.” Bernd came in 12th position from all participants: “I knew I was starting to get fitter, but it is good to compare my fitness level with another 2000 people. Now I am ready to take on the next challenge in March and aim for no less than the first position.” Yaba did well on the first lap, but pushed herself for a second one: “My body gave up towards the end, I had unbearable cramps and literallycouldn’t move anymore. I am still proud that I have pushed myself for a second lap instead of ending after the first round, and I am also very proud of my team!” Assistant race director Sam Afful was absolutely astounded with the results: “As the personal trainer, I knew my team was properly prepared and would do well, but what I saw today was beyond my expectations! They all did extremely well, especially for their first obstacle race challenge. It shows that anybody, women, men, of all ages, anyone putting a constant effort and following an adapted training plan can raise their fitness level within a year and this is the tangible proof.”  ...