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Afful Health and Fitness is a UK based small business in the sport and fitness industry owned by married couple Sam and Yaba Afful.

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Yaba has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise, Nutrition and Health from the University of Roehampton and has developed further her skills whilst working in various gyms and fitness centers in London and in Norfolk. Qualified personal trainer, gym instructor and nutrition adviser, she is very knowledgeable and keeps herself well informed, allowing her to give trustworthy nutritional, physical and physiological advises.

Office: 01945 870 832
Mobile: 07956 494 821


Sam is a qualified personal trainer, gym instructor and nutrition adviser and is BAWLA qualified. Over the years he has accumulated a variety of experiences, such as coordinating outdoor education training programs, implementing team building events for children, teenagers and businesses, training alongside the British army and leading expeditions around the globe. Sam is also one of the minds behind the “Nuts Challenge” obstacle course race .Sam has overseen more than 60 000 people safely over the course.

Office: 01945 870 832
Mobile: 07830 382 697



Andrea has a background in musical theatre and Dance, She trained in various styles such as Ballet, Modern Jazz, Contemporary and Commercial style.

She began teaching fitness classes locally and found her love of teaching within the fitness industry. With a passion for dance she qualified as a Zumba instructor and continued to teach a variety of classes. She qualified as a level 3 personal trainer to progress her career in the industry and is now part of our fantastic team of Personal Trainers at Afful health and fitness.

Office: 01945 870 832



Tom has a background in management. Working 3 years as a deputy manager at a health club in Cambridge. He is PT qualified, has a lever 3 NVQ in management and also teaches a variety of classes. His main passion lies with personal training helping individuals achieve their goals by designing specific and unique workout programs, Tom has worked with a large variety of people from weekly marathon runners to stroke and heart attack survivors. He is able to adapt and change his style to work with all ability’s

Office: 01945 870 832





Hi! My name is Vaida!

I am a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor teaching group fitness classes,
Indoor cycling  and Pilates for beginners.

My goal is to have the most positive impact that I can on the lives of the people that I work with, helping them become the healthiest, happiest version of themselves.

My favourite quote, “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it!”

Office: 01945 870 832


Through various physical activities and nutritional guidance, educating individuals to take control of their wellbeing and thus embracing a healthier lifestyle.


Education, Encouragement, Empowerment, Enjoyment